The Annual Contractor License Renewal Process Has Changed

October 1, 2022

Our new permitting program has allowed us to make some much needed changes to our annual contractor license renewal process. Now that you have your CitizenServe account at your fingertips, you can make changes to your contact information and update your licensing documentation at any time. With you in control of your account, you will experience significantly shorter processing time.

State Certified Contractors:

State certified contractors will no longer have an annual renewal. Your account will stay active, simply by you keeping your contact information and licensing documentation current. There are no fees to pay and no annual due date. Your renewal will be automatic as long as you maintain current licensing documentation.

State Registered Contractors:

State registered contractors will still have an annual renewal; however, the process has changed. You will maintain your active status by keeping your contact information and licensing documentation current via your account. You will still have an annual renewal date; however, it will no longer be October 1st of each year. Your renewal date will be 1 year from your last renewal. The fees for state registered contractors have not changed; they are still $50.00 for in county contractors and $150.00 for out of county contractors.

Specialty Registrations:

We no longer require or issue specialty registrations for individuals without a state license. You will need to check with the State of Florida to verify the state requirements.

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