Final Documents

Final Inspection and CO Request Form
Use the checklist on this document to verify that all requirements are attached to your file when you are ready for your final home inspection. Careful and accurate completion of this form will guarantee faster processing.
HVAC Infiltration Test
Private Provider Certificate of Occupancy Request Form


Energy Code Form
Fee Schedule
Fine Schedule
List of Local Resources
New Construction Inspection List
Non-conversion Agreement
This form is required for all buildings that have an enclosure below base flood elevation.
Notice of Commencement
Notice of Termination
Owner / Builder Affidavit
Permanent Power Affidavit
This form is used toward the end of a new build when the new building is ready for permanent power, prior to getting a Certificate of Occupancy.
Permit Record Request Form
Roof Inspection Affidavit
This form is required for all reroof permits where the old roof will be removed and replaced.
V Zone Certificate
This form is required for all new buildings in a V zone.

Permit Applications

Demolition Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
HVAC Permit Application
New Commercial Building Permit Application
New Residential Building Permit Application
Renovation/Repair Permit Application
Residential Addition Permit Appliation
Roofing Permit Application
Secondary Structure Permit Application
(Sheds, pole barns, garage, etc.)
Solar Panel Permit Application
Supplemental Permit Application
Swimming Pool Permit Application
Window/Door Permit Application

Preliminary Flood Maps

Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0435G
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0509G
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0265G
Preliminary Flood Map - INDOB
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0250G
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0430G
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0507G
Preliminary Flood Map - Panel 0510G

License Applications

Contractor License Application
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